About Mike

To hear Mike Grace tell it, he’s been in love with radio since he first turned one on.  Raised in the Top 40 “Boss Jock” era of the 70’s, Grace listened intently to 15JFL in his hometown of Vicksburg, Mississippi, to 62JDX in nearby Jackson, and then to the ground-breaking album rock station, WZZQ.  His Saturday nights were spent scanning the AM dial, hoping to catch the legendary Jack Buck call the Baseball Cardinals in St. Louis or to hear Mississippi State’s Jack Cristal shout “Touchdown Bulldogs!”  Somewhere along the way, something must have stuck and now after 40 years in the broadcast industry, Grace is still at it.  To relive some of his past broadcast highlights, or have him create new ones for you, we invite you to join us here…on Mike Grace LIVE.

He’s the voice I want
to hear on any game.
— Jack Royer - Anchor/Reporter at CBS 42


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Experience, talent, and personality. Mike has the top-flight skills to do the job and do it well.
— Chris Blair, Voice of the LSU Fighting Tigers/Director of Broadcasting